Thursday, February 28, 2008

Word Origins: At

History of @

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Everyone knows that we use the @ (pronouce ad) sign to seperate the name and the address of our email.

Ever wonder the history of this sign?

The @ sign was chosen by Mr. Ray Tomlinson, who was in a team to develop the email techonology, to send the first email of the world.

There was no reason support. The history indicated that he just like the sign.

The background of this sign is unclear. Some mentioned that it came from Latin meaning "about." Some said it was a French word meaning "each" and Many said that the @ sign was a measurement unit in Italian.

Anyway, the @ sign is, more or less, the most popular sign nowaday. At least, I'm sure that everyone of you type on the @ keypad almost everyday. Right?

Learning Part
Wonder = Feeling of doubt

Nowaday = Present time

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