Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Word Origins : Ceasar Salad

The History of Ceasar Salad

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If we talk about the word Ceasar I am sure that most people would think about Julius Ceasar, the great King of Egypt.

Also, if we talk about Caesar Salad, one of the most popular salad, many people might think about Julius Ceasar as well and wonder how they are related to each other.

Moreover, many restaurants even use the picture of Julius Caesar to promote their recipe.

However, the real origin of Caesar Salad really have nothing to do with Julius Caesar.

The name came after the cook who invented this recipe. His name is Caesar Cardini. He was a restaurant owner in Mexico who invented the salad back in 1924.

From now on, we should not think about the great King when having Caesar Salad anymore. Instead, maybe we should think about the big cook with a long black moustache. Enjoy your meal.

Word History: Read More here --> Learn English Online

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