Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Word Origins: Ivy League

History of Ivy League

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Ivy league is the term that we have heard many times from movie, magazine etc. but how many would really know what actually is ivy league?

Ivy League is the group of the oldest universities in the United States which are

Brown University, Columbia University, Cornel Universityl, Dartmouth University, Harvard university, Princeton Unviersity, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University

These universities are all located in the northeast of the United States. They are all very popular and known as one of the best universities in the world in various fields of study.

The reason they are called Ivy league because of the beautiful Ivy crawling on their brick walls for more than hundred years.

Learning Part
The author plays with the word "berg"

Ivy = Any of several woody, climbing or trailing evergreen plants .

Crawl = Move slowly on the hands and knees

Brick = A molded block of clay baked until hard and used as a building material.

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